I am a Bisexual man, married to a woman. Is it so hard to accept ??

Does being engaged in a monogamous relationship make me less Bisexual ? Hell No !

On my first date with my wife, i immediately knew that she’ll become my wife and i immediately told her about my sexual orientation.

Why ? Because my sexual orientation doesn’t just define who i’m dating, but define a big part of my identity.

Whoever i’m dating, whoever i’m sleeping with, i am Bisexual. Every aspects of my identity is Bisexual.

As said in my post about accepting yourself as a Bisexual, it took me so long and so much pain to accept myself that nothing can change that.

But we’re living in a binary world, you’re straight or gay. So for the outside world, when a Bisexual is engaged in a relationship, it re-define his sexual orientation.

So here’s the top misconceptions about it :

1. It was a a phase, now he/she’s back to herself

First of all, when we finally accept our sexual orientation, this is when we’re back to ourselves !

Before this moment, we’re just zombie, faking an identity to fit into your binary world where we can’t.

If I’ve met my wife before accepting my Bisexuality, our relationship would have been a disaster and my wife would not even meet the real me.

So no, it wasn’t a phase, it was just the beginning of my real life !

2. It was a phase, now he/she’s finally accepting his/her Homosexuality

Same goes in the case of a relationship with a person of the same sex.

3. Being in a relationship with a Bisexual means being cheated

Having the chance to be attracted by more than one gender doesn’t mean that i need to have sex with all of them. It just mean that i’m more focus on the person than on his gender.

Why the hell a Bisexual must be unfaithful ? I am 100% monogamous, i love my wife and i can’t even imagine kissing or touching another person.

Coming out to my wife on the first date means also that our relationship has been 100% honest before we’ve been a couple. Because of that level of honesty, we say everything to each other therefore, i’m pretty sure we have a more healthy relationship than most of the “straight couple”.


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